Kitten Jump lite

Kitten Jump lite 2.0

Score big by catching butterflies high in the sky


  • Options to play in tilt or touch mode
  • Saves high scores
  • Easy to follow instructions


  • Tilt screen option is a bit unresponsive
  • Only one background and level

Not bad

Kitten Jump lite is an app game for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Earn points by catching butterflies while propelling your kitten upwards from cloud to cloud.

The concept is simple, but Kitten Jump lite is fun if you need to kill some time. The game lets users play as a whiskered feline who's after butterflies. The more the kitten catches, the higher your Kitten Jump lite score rises. To change things up a bit though, the cat you're playing in Kitten Jump lite is chasing butterflies through the sky. By jumping from cloud to cloud, you can propel your kitten higher. The kitten also bounces off butterflies that have been caught. If you miss a cloud, you'll end up tumbling back down to the ground and losing the game.

Kitten Jump lite has instructions that are easy to follow. It also has a two mode setting in this version of the app. You can choose to play in either tilt mode or with your fingers on the touch screen. If you choose Kitten Jump lite's tilt mode, you only need to touch the screen to initiate the first jump. From then on, just tilt your device in the direction you want the kitten to go. Finger mode is just how it sounds: move the cat across the screen with a finger to jump from cloud to cloud.

The only real complaint with Kitten Jump lite is that the tilt mode isn't as responsive as it feels like it should be. Consequently, it takes some getting used to (and a few instances of killing your cat at first) before you really get the feel for the tilt mode.

Overall, Kitten Jump lite is a fun app with which to pass the time.

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Kitten Jump lite


Kitten Jump lite 2.0

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